About Electronic Filing Center

Electronic Filing Center started business the first year that the Internal Revenue Service offered electronic filing of income tax returns in 1987. The wait time for your refund was shortened from the 6-8 months with the old paper return method to less than two weeks with electronic filing and direct deposit into your bank account. We have strived to offer this service of e-filing your completed tax returns to the government for only $10 ever since. Wisconsin started e-filing with the 1993 tax year, and then added the Homestead Credit with the 2001 tax year. We still only charge $10 for each of them.

Over the years, we have moved to different locations throughout the Fox Valley to accommodate our growing business. We are currently located in the building, previously used by Fox Cities Job Service, at 1313 Midway Rd in Menasha.

We have expanded our services to include other aspects of income tax. We e-file Wisconsin income tax returns, as well as for all states that now have e-filing of tax returns. We also have income tax preparation services where the taxpayer can come in and sit down with a professional tax preparer who will prepare their tax returns while they are in the office. The taxpayer leaves our office with a copy of their tax returns in their hands and the annual burden of filing behind them. We file over 7,000 tax returns annually with a staff of almost 50 employees.

With the Covid-19 pandemic shut-down with the EMERGENCY ORDER #12 SAFER AT HOME ORDER on March 23, 2020, we closed our offices and canceled all appointments for the remaining tax season. The next day, with only management present, we implemented a drop-off service so our clients could still get their tax returns filed without sitting down with a tax preparer. That year we still managed to file over 7,800 tax returns.

Over the summer of 2020, we completely remodeled our office with Covid-19 safe cubicles with glass between the client and the tax preparer.  We also added glass barriers to our customer service counters. This was all done so we would be Covid-19 ready for the next tax season. These protections are still in place because of all the nasty viruses still around during the winter months.

During the summer of 2022, we completely redesigned our company website to offer more services via our website.

We also offer services to business owners. Accounting services help them to keep their business income, receipts, and records in order so year-end tax preparation is a breeze. Our full-service payroll helps employers pay their employees without the hassle of trying to do payroll and reports themselves. The addition of offering Direct Deposit of paychecks has made payroll much less perplexing. We can also e-mail your employees their paycheck stubs directly to their inbox. Our bookkeeping service helps companies by writing the checks to pay their company bills in a timely manner.

All of our services are priced to be affordable. See our Fee Schedule page for prices.