Electronic Filing Center – Menasha
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Electronic Filing of Self-Prepared Returns

Federal Return E-file$10.00
Wisconsin Return E-file$10.00
Homestead Return E-file$10.00
Correction Fee to Self-Prepared Return$50.00
Business Federal Return E-file$50.00
Business State Return E-file$50.00

Tax Return Preparation

Basic Return (Federal, State, & E-filing)$110.00
Basic Return Plus Homestead or Veteran Credit$135.00
Active Duty Military in Combat ZoneFREE
Hobby (1099-NEC) (Effective 1/1/2023)Add$100.00
Business (Schedule C) (1099-NEC)Add$100.00
Rental Properties (Sch E – per rental)Add$100.00
Additional StatesAdd$50.00
Dependent Children Return (Kiddie Tax +$40)$20.00
Homestead Only Return (E-filed)$30.00
Homestead after State Filed (Mail)$50.00
Amended Return$100.00
Additional Copies of Tax Return$5.00
Corp/S-Corp/Partnership/LLC (Basic)$400.00
Plus Each Owner/PartnerAdd$25.00
Trust Return$200.00

Optional Services:

Accounting ServicesCall for Quote
Bookkeeping ServicesCall for Quote
Payroll Processing Services with Direct DepositCall for Quote
Fee Collect (Fees Deducted from Refund)Add$50.00
Expedited Service (24 Hrs)Add$100.00

Fee Schedule – Effective 1/1/2024

All fees are due at time of service except clients using Fee Collect.

Returned checks electronically re-deposited plus $35 service fee.