We offer full-service payroll at an affordable price. Simply submit the hours for your employees each pay period. We can handle most payroll items like Hourly, Salary, Bonus, Tips, Reimbursements, Health or Dental Insurance (Pretax or not), 401(k), Simple IRA, Sick Time, Vacation, Garnishments, Child Support, Union Dues, and many more. We calculate the paychecks, print them, and deliver to your business. We include paycheck envelopes for each employee paycheck so after you review and sign the paychecks; they can be sealed in the envelopes so the payroll information can remain confidential.

We file all your monthly, quarterly, and annually reports and payments for you using secure and efficient online portals to the various government agencies. Payroll services start at $10/month and include paychecks, reports, government filings, W-2s, everything payroll. If you use our accounting services, payroll is included.